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Monday Morning Mindfulness session – Whaley Bridge

Starting Mon 7th March

Monday morning Mindfulness sitting group – 9am

Develop skills to increase mental, emotional and physical well-being to be happier and more content.

The techniques covered will be from Unified Mindfulness, which comes from the works of Shinzen Young – author of ‘The Science of Enlightenment’.

In the sessions we might cover:

-Basic core skills of Mindfulness

-The pillars of practice

-Life practice (how to use the techniques in Life)

-Accelerators of practice

-The dimensions of happiness

The last Monday of each month will be an hour of silent sit with minimal guidance, deepening our practice.

Beginners and advanced practitioners welcomed.

The cost of each session is by donation and free for those with financial difficulties.

For more information please contact Bob Chiang.
Mobile: 07971172055
Email: [email protected]

Mindfulness online sessions 2021

Learn Mindfulness to increase your mental, emotional & physical well-being. Deep dive into transforming yourself and your practice.

The weekly Mindfulness session starts again on Wed 13th January 8pm – 9pm.

The sessions will be structured with the following layout:

Jan – Appreciation technique – Focus on Feel

Feb – Appreciation technique – Focus on Hear

March – Appreciation technique – Focus on See

April – Appreciation technique – See Hear Feel

May – Zero and Cessation

June – Nurture techniques

July – Tranquility technique part 1

August – Tranquility technique part 2

September – Transcendence technique part 1

October – Transcendence technique part 2

November – Expressive/Spontaniety techniques

December – (Yet to be decided)

The last session of each month will be an hour sit.

I will also be covering the following in some of the sessions:

– Basic core skills of Mindfulness

– The pillars of practice

– Life practice (how to organise and optimise your practice)

– Accelerators of practice

– Standard/advanced noting

– The dimensions of Happiness

There will be recommended homework for those wanting to take their practice further and deepen (this is optional and will take place 10-15mins after the hour session).

Tickets for the session, where a Zoom link will be sent.

Any questions please email me: [email protected]

Tai Chi online classes – 2021

Happy new year everyone!

The Tai Chi online classes start again on Wed 13th January:

– Beginners class (6pm – 6:45pm)

– Advanced class (7pm – 7:45pm)

For the Zoom link please email me: [email protected]

There will be 3 sessions in Janurary (13th/20th/27th).

Dates for February will be 3rd/7th/24th.

I’m hoping that the Covid situation improves this year and at some point, I can start classes in the Buxton Dome again (well see).