Monday Morning Mindfulness session – Whaley Bridge

Starting Mon 7th March

Monday morning Mindfulness sitting group – 9am

Develop skills to increase mental, emotional and physical well-being to be happier and more content.

The techniques covered will be from Unified Mindfulness, which comes from the works of Shinzen Young – author of ‘The Science of Enlightenment’.

In the sessions we might cover:

-Basic core skills of Mindfulness

-The pillars of practice

-Life practice (how to use the techniques in Life)

-Accelerators of practice

-The dimensions of happiness

The last Monday of each month will be an hour of silent sit with minimal guidance, deepening our practice.

Beginners and advanced practitioners welcomed.

The cost of each session is by donation and free for those with financial difficulties.

For more information please contact Bob Chiang.
Mobile: 07971172055
Email: [email protected]

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