about me

Hi, my name is Bob Chiang. I enjoy working with people to help them move forward in life, finding a positive direction.

Training and experience

Hypnotherapy – I am a fully trained and qualified hypnotherapist and hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DipHyp) from the United Kingdom Hypnotherapy Training College (UKHTC).

Neuro-linguistic programming – I am a trained NLP coach having studied under Robbie Steinhouse.

Massage therapy – I learned Swedish massage at the Academy of Natural Health in London. I then studied Malay Massage, Shiatsu and Acupressure and later trained with Art Riggs, a highly regarded teacher of myofascial release. I have been practising massage therapy for twenty four years.

Tai Chi – I am a qualified Tai Chi instructor (with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain) as well as a Mindfulness Facilitator. I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CTha).

Mindfulness – I started Meditation 23 years ago and have studied under Shinzen Young for 7 years now. I currently teach his Unified Mindfulness system and you can visit my Mindfulness website here.