Tai Chi Jan 2023

Happy New Year everyone! The weekly Tai Chi sessions will be starting again in January on the following dates:

Monday 23rd Jan (Whaley Bridge, Riverside Wellbeing): 9am – 10am
Tuesday 24th Jan (Buxton, Methodist Church): 10am – 11am
Wednesday 18th Jan (Buxton, Dome): 6pm – 7pm

My trip to Singapore was enjoyable, I managed to catchup with old friends and had lots of delicious food. The average temperature was 23C so it was a bit of a shock for my body coming back to the cold and wet in the UK, think it was 3C when I got back!

In the mornings in Singapore it was enjoyable to see people exercising and doing Tai Chi in the parks keeping fit and healthy. Reminding me how important it is to maintain and keep the body fit, balance and in harmony.

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