Yearly Archives: 2021

Mindfulness online sessions 2021

Learn Mindfulness to increase your mental, emotional & physical well-being. Deep dive into transforming yourself and your practice.

The weekly Mindfulness session starts again on Wed 13th January 8pm – 9pm.

The sessions will be structured with the following layout:

Jan – Appreciation technique – Focus on Feel

Feb – Appreciation technique – Focus on Hear

March – Appreciation technique – Focus on See

April – Appreciation technique – See Hear Feel

May – Zero and Cessation

June – Nurture techniques

July – Tranquility technique part 1

August – Tranquility technique part 2

September – Transcendence technique part 1

October – Transcendence technique part 2

November – Expressive/Spontaniety techniques

December – (Yet to be decided)

The last session of each month will be an hour sit.

I will also be covering the following in some of the sessions:

– Basic core skills of Mindfulness

– The pillars of practice

– Life practice (how to organise and optimise your practice)

– Accelerators of practice

– Standard/advanced noting

– The dimensions of Happiness

There will be recommended homework for those wanting to take their practice further and deepen (this is optional and will take place 10-15mins after the hour session).

Tickets for the session, where a Zoom link will be sent.

Any questions please email me: [email protected]

Tai Chi online classes – 2021

Happy new year everyone!

The Tai Chi online classes start again on Wed 13th January:

– Beginners class (6pm – 6:45pm)

– Advanced class (7pm – 7:45pm)

For the Zoom link please email me: [email protected]

There will be 3 sessions in Janurary (13th/20th/27th).

Dates for February will be 3rd/7th/24th.

I’m hoping that the Covid situation improves this year and at some point, I can start classes in the Buxton Dome again (well see).